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Olive Garden gift cards are widely recognized by delivery agencies but does DoorDash take Olive Garden gift cards? Olive Garden uses DoorDash for location deliveries, and customers with Olive Garden gift cards might want to pay their DoorDash agent with it when he shows up. Read on to find out what’s obtainable.

Does DoorDash take Olive Garden giftcards

No doubt DoorDash helps Olive Garden offer delivery services to customers from their restaurants which makes them partners.

If you plan to order food from Olive Garden while sitting back at home, you can use DoorDash to have it delivered to you but conditions for payment on item delivery should be considered.

Does DoorDash Take Olive Garden Giftcards?

When it comes to payment, things might get a bit difficult. DoorDash Payment methods are different and you can’t use your Olive Garden gift card to pay your DoorDash delivery man.

It is boldly written on their official webpage, that they don’t accept gift cards from restaurants or any buyer as payment options. What this means is that even if you have Olive Garden gift cards, you cannot settle your DoorDash delivery bills with an Olive Garden gift card.

If you must pay using the gift card, it must be a normal gift card or a DoorDash gift card. Paying with an Olive Garden e-gift card has a very slim chance since their policies are against that although changes occur over time.

How to Use Gift Card to Pay DoorDash Delivery

Although DoorDash doesn’t often accept restaurant gift cards, you can swap, sell, or buy a DoorDash gift card or a normal gift card and use it for your payment. To use the gift card for payment, you will have to follow these steps:

1. Add Items to the DoorDash Cart and Proceed to Checkout.

2. Enter Delivery Details which includes all information like address and phone number.

3. Choose a Payment option where you will find different options. Select “gift card” or “promo code”, then enter Gift Card Information.

4. After entering the gift card information, look for a button that says “Apply” or “Add” to apply the gift card to your order.

5. Once the gift card is applied, review your order to ensure everything is correct. Then, complete the order by confirming the payment.

Check for a confirmation message to ensure the Olive Garden e-gift card was successfully applied.

DoorDash Payment Methods For Olive Garden Orders

Not minding you might wish to use your Olive Garden gift card to settle your delivery but you need to understand that DoorDash and Olive Garden are 2 different brands that just assist each other to provide a complete service to customers.

When buying from Olive Garden, you should pay using their accepted payment methods while DoorDash has payment methods that include

1. Credit/Debit Cards

2. DoorDash Gift Cards

3. PayPal

4. Apple Pay

5. Google Pay

7. DoorDash Credits

8. Cash

Will GrubHub Accept Olive Garden Gift Cards?

Just like DoorDash rejects external restaurant gift cards as a payment method for item deliveries, GrubHub rejects Olive Garden gift cards for payment when they deliver to your location or in-store.

While ordering an item and making use of GrubHub or any other delivery agency, always consider knowing their payment methods before confirming the item order for delivery. You can make use of a general platform to settle delivery payments to avoid controversies.

Generally Accepted Payment Methods at

Just to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and waste of time, you should consider making payments for purchases and services using a more general method of payment.

Whether ordering from Olive Garden and DoorDash or GrubHub delivering it you look for generally accepted means of payment.

Some of the payment methods that are more generally accepted for settling bills of food orders and delivery agencies no matter the one that shows up are

1. Apple Pay

2. Debit Cards

3. Credit Cards

4. PayPal

5. Cash payments

6. Gift Card (not store or restaurant-specific)

Where You Can Use Olive Garden Giftcards

Does DoorDash Take Olive Garden Giftcards?

We are quite sure that it is very frustrating not being able to use your Olive Garden gift cards everywhere, don’t get too worked up as there’s such a thing as an Olive Garden redemption process.

One thing you should note is that olive garden card limitations are not found everywhere. Any restaurants owned by the parent company of Olive Garden can also accept your gift card. 

Places like LongHorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, and even Season 52 which are chains of restaurants owned by Darden Restaurants will accept your gift cards.

You can also make use of the gift card to buy anything that you want on the restaurant’s website and order food for pickup or delivery.

Using Olive Garden Gift Card at Other Darden Restaurants

Most times you can make use of the Olive Garden gift card in any Darden restaurant around the world.

Even the company has addressed this, that the Olive gift cards can be redeemed at any of the other branches in the US.

So if you have an Olive Garden gift card, you can use it to make payments for buying anything at any Darden restaurant you find yourself including the mobile app.

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