Easy Banana Bread Recipe For You

Easy banana bread recipe
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For almost a decade, this easy banana bread recipe has been the most popular recipe. Every day, thousands of people do it. Why? Because it is, without a doubt, the best basic banana bread recipe ever. 

You can combine everything in one bowl, and the amount of sugar or bananas can be adjusted. And what’s the secret to its delicious flavor? The butter had melted. The beauty of this banana bread recipe is that no fancy mixer is required! 

All you need is a mixing bowl, a fork to whisk the eggs, and a strong spoon to stir the batter. The amount of sugar is adjustable. The original recipe called for a cup of white sugar, but most people, including myself, prefer 3/4 cup, and many prefer 1/2 cup.

Add a cup of chopped nuts, raisins, or chocolate chips, or bake the dough in muffin pans to make banana nut muffins. You can even go the extra mile and make chocolate banana bread.

Ingredients for Easy Banana Bread

These are the essential ingredients you’ll need to prepare this simple banana bread recipe (most of which you probably already have on hand):

  • Bananas
  • Sugar
  • Egg
  • Butter
  • Flour
  • Baking soda
  • Salt

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect when you make this super simple banana bread at home: 

In one bowl, combine the dry ingredients; in another, combine the wet ingredients. Incorporate the dry mixture into the wet mixture. Bake the batter in a loaf pan that has been prepared.


The Secret to Good Banana Bread

Isn’t it true that everyone has a banana bread recipe? And most of them are actually rather decent. We wanted amazing banana bread, the kind that won’t last until morning and can be baked for any and every occasion. We wanted a moist, supple loaf with a little sweetness and a pure banana taste.

Extra Dairy Can Be Added for Taste and Moisture.

This banana bread recipe was our overall taste test winner, and we utilized it as a starting point for our final version.

Some banana bread recipes include dairy, which we believe improves the flavor and texture of the loaf. The snap of the sour cream used in the winning recipe was our favorite of all the creamy additions we explored (from buttermilk to mascarpone). 

Naturally, perfectly ripe bananas are required for the success of this quick bread. The bananas should ideally have yellow skins (no green!) with a scattering of brown freckles.

But we understand that the desire for a fresh loaf of banana bread can be overwhelming at times, and you simply cannot wait for the bananas to ripen on their own.

So get ready for rapid gratification: we have a quick method for ripening bananas for use in baking recipes. Simply bake unpeeled bananas on a baking sheet in a 250°F oven for 15-20 minutes or until tender. Let cool, peel, and start baking. 

Go Dark With the Sugar

Ripe bananas are naturally sweet, but a little added sugar balances out the overall flavor of the banana bread.

Most recipes call for plain granulated sugar, but we liked the richness that dark brown sugar adds to this recipe, so we used it as well.

Mix in the Crunchy Nuts

We enjoyed the texture that walnuts added to this banana bread, so we added a generous amount to our batch.

When it came to chocolate, though, the decision was more difficult. We tested our foundation recipe with just walnuts and with both walnuts and chopped dark chocolate, inspired by this variation with chopped dark chocolate.

What Does Baking Soda Do in Banana Bread?

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) was one of the earliest chemicals Leaveners accessible, appearing on grocery store shelves in 1846 (source).

This ingredient enabled the production of lightly baked goods that did not necessitate a lengthy rising time. A fast bread batter would rise in the oven if you added baking soda and an acidic substance (such as buttermilk or vinegar).

This is how it works. When an acidic component comes into contact with baking soda, carbon dioxide bubbles occur. This is why, in middle school science classes, baking soda and vinegar are frequently mixed together to simulate a volcanic explosion.

Baking soda requires at least one acidic ingredient to react within a banana bread recipe. Most recipes ask for buttermilk (a sort of sour milk), however, it’s possible that this isn’t necessary.

It turns out that mashed bananas are already acidic enough to react with the baking soda and produce enough carbon dioxide bubbles to raise the dough.

How Do You Make Chrissy Teigen Banana Bread?

Nothing beats a slice of delicious and wonderfully moist banana bread. It goes well with breakfast, mid-morning tea or coffee, and even as a late-night snack.

Chrissy bakes her banana bread in a bundt pan, which results in a deliciously delicate loaf. Here’s how to do it: Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mash the ripe bananas, eggs, and oil together in a large mixing basin. In a separate dish, fully combine the flour, sugar, pudding, baking soda, and salt before slowly adding it to the wet mix.

Gently fold in until well integrated. Do it both by hand and with a low-speed standing mixer – don’t overmix! Fold in the chocolate and toasted almonds.

Grease and flour your bundt pan by lightly greasing it with a little oil on a paper towel, then lightly dusting it with flour. Rotate your pan to coat it with the extra flour, then tip it upside down and tap out the excess flour.

For bundt or loaf pans, bake for 55-60 minutes. Bake for 20 minutes in muffin pans. Cupcakes require less time to cook since they are less thick and do not require as much time to cook through.

Allow it to cool for 10 minutes before removing it from the pan with a knife. Place a plate on top of the pan and flip it over to release it. Allow to cool again before serving!

Is Banana Bread Healthy or Not?

Banana bread is popular among both children and adults due to its soft texture and sweet flavor. Because it contains bananas, something frequently seen in this baked item as a healthy dessert option – may be even healthier than other baked goods.

However, you may be wondering if this delicious, fruity delicacy is genuinely healthful. Although banana bread can be included in a balanced diet, they should consider it a dessert.

Remember that not all foods are designed to be healthy. Cakes, ice cream, and sweetbreads, for example, aren’t supposed to be the most nutritious things you can eat.

Desserts may not be a regular component of your diet. Instead, they are intended to be experienced as a rare pleasure.

If you consume sugary treats, such as banana bread on a regular basis, you may develop health problems, especially if the rest of your diet consists of ultra-processed, nutrient-deficient items.

As a result, wherever possible, choose more healthy foods over banana bread. Despite the fact that banana bread contains certain key nutrients, such as potassium, the majority of versions are high in added sugar, refined carbohydrates, and total calories.


How Do You Keep Banana Bread Moist When Baking?

There are numerous reasons why banana bread is a fantastic dish. It’s simple to create and use things you probably already have in your cupboard, yet it’s wonderfully delicious and adaptable. The smoothness and moisture of banana bread are undoubtedly its most distinguishing characteristics.

Several elements contribute to the moistness of banana bread, especially when compared to other types of baked goods.

Because bananas have a high water content, the moisture content of banana bread is relatively high. A single banana contains between 75% and 80% water, according to the USDA Food Data Central.

Furthermore, dairy-based ingredients used in banana bread, such as sour cream and milk, aid in the retention of moisture inside the batter.

Can You Put Too Much Banana in Banana Bread?

Banana bread is suitable for a variety of events, including as a quick dessert, a last-minute gift, or a quick snack on the road. It’s extremely simple to make and ideal for beginning bakers. However, there are certain hazards to preparing banana bread that you should avoid.

When you add too much mashed banana to banana bread, it becomes soggy. To correct this before baking the batter, add more flour to the recipe.

Once the batter is in the oven, cook the bread for a further 10 minutes to ensure that it is thoroughly cooked. If the banana bread has already been baked, cut it into slices and toast it in a flat toaster to make it less mushy.

If you add too much mashed banana to your banana bread, it will turn soggy and won’t stay as long outside of the fridge.

To help balance out the moisture content, add more flour to the mix and bake it for a little longer. If the bread is still overly moist after baking, toast it or convert it into delectable bread and butter pudding.

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