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How do I check my Olive Garden gift card balance online? Checking your online balance inquiry is a simple and convenient way to find out how much money is still on your Olive Garden gift card. Below are the tricks to it, do read on to get them up your sleeves.

How Do I Check My Olive Garden Gift Card Balance Online

Before answering the question, how do I check my Olive Garden gift card balance online? It is worth noting that Olive Garden is a well-known American casual dining restaurant chain. It was created in 1982, with the first restaurant serving inhabitants of Orlando, Florida, with Italian-American tasty meals. 

The Olive Garden is owned by Darden Restaurants, alongside others like LongHorn Steakhouse, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, Eddie V’s Prime Seafood, The Capital Grille, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, and Yard House.

It is now possible for all clients to check their gift card balance online; all you have to do is head to the Olive Garden website in your web browser. Then, look for the “Gift Cards” option, normally found in the website’s main menu or footer. 

Go on by clicking the ‘gift card’ tab, which will lead you to a page where you should be able to check your gift card balance. It may be named “Check Balance Online,” “View Balance,” or something similar. 

Select that option, and you will be prompted to input your gift card number and the PIN or security code. After entering the necessary information, click the “Check Balance” or a similar option. The website will then show you the remaining balance on your Olive Garden gift card. 

The Expiry Period of an Olive Garden Gift Card

The good news is that Olive Garden gift cards do not expire, and this is because Olive Garden does not place an expiration date on their gift cards; recipients can use them whenever they like.

It is crucial to note that different state regulations may have different gift card expiration policies. To confirm your gift card’s expiration policy, examine your state’s laws or contact Olive Garden’s customer service.

So, relax and enjoy Olive Garden’s exquisite Italian cuisine and welcoming ambiance, knowing that your online gift card check will remain valid until you are ready to spend it.

Activating the Olive Garden Gift Card

How to Find Out How Much Money is on My Olive Garden Gift Card?

The cashier will activate an Olive Garden gift card purchased straight from the restaurant during checkout, eliminating the need to activate your gift card at home before using it.

This is a handy feature when gifting someone else an Olive Garden gift card because they can utilize the funds immediately without going through additional processes. 

Olive Garden gift cards are also available from other major retailers and internet stores. If you purchase an Olive Garden gift card in-store, the cashier processing your purchases will activate your gift card. 

Some shops will not activate Olive Garden gift cards purchased online for delivery or pickup; instead, you will receive an email confirmation with your gift card details and instructions on activating your gift card via the merchant’s website.

How to Use the Olive Garden Card With Ease

If you’ve received an Olive Garden gift card and need help with what to do with it, look no further as you use your Olive Garden gift card to pay for your meal at any Olive Garden location in the country, but you can also use it to pay for goods and services online at 

You may use the Olive Garden app to place takeout orders, order catering, and pay for food ahead of time, and your Olive Garden gift card will cover the cost of it all (as long as you have enough funds). 

While the ability to use your Olive Garden gift card at restaurant locations for various goods and services is likely not surprising to you, as that is how gift cards typically work, you may be unaware that you can also use your Olive Garden gift card at any other Darden family dining establishment. 

This means a gift card from Olive Garden can be used to pay for meals at LongHorn Steakhouse and vice versa. With a jam-jacked menu, meals at Olive Garden can be described as delectable authentic Italian cuisine in various distinct flavors, and your Olive Garden gift card allows you to sample them all!

In Conclusion

If you’re curious about how much is left in your Olive Garden gift card, you just have to visit the Olive Garden website in your web browser. Find the gift card page by searching for the “Gift Cards” option, usually found in the website’s main menu or footer. 

Go on by clicking on it; then, you’ll be directed to a page where you’ll see a “Check Balance” or similar link on the gift card page. To proceed to the balance inquiry page, click on it. Enter the following information about your gift card; your card number will be requested. 

After entering the necessary information, click the “Check Balance” or equivalent button. Then, the current balance of your Olive Garden gift card should be displayed on the website. You can check your gift card balance online by calling Olive Garden’s customer service. 

Their representatives will walk you through the steps and provide up-to-date balance information. With this knowledge, you can plan your next visit to Olive Garden and have a wonderful eating experience without any costly surprises.

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