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How Long to Air Fry Chicken Wings: The air fryer is a device that essentially raises the bar for cooking by providing a quicker and easier way to do everything. In addition to taking only a fraction of the time to bake, these Air Fryer Chicken Wings become so crispy that you’ll mistake them for being fried.

While the core is precisely cooked, tender, and juicy, the forced circulation of hot air makes the skin extremely crisp, which is difficult to achieve in a traditional oven.

Cooking time for air-fried chicken wings is only 16 minutes, three times faster than an oven. This is the quickest method for crispy chicken wings because an air fryer doesn’t need to be preheated.

The Secret to Crispy Air Fryer Wings

Due to their high skin-to-meat ratio, wings are the most accessible and most challenging part of the chicken to fry. You must ensure that the fat in the skin can fully render (also known as cookout) to prevent the wings from becoming mushy when you air fry them.

Fry chicken wings in the air at two different heats to ensure the fat renders and the wings are crisp. The chicken wings should be air-fried for 24 minutes at 360°F, flipping once halfway through. It renders the fat in this stage.

Then, raise the temperature to 390°F. The wings’ exteriors get crispy at this high temperature while the internal meat remains moist.

The two-temperature method is more straightforward and less messy than baking soda or flour when cooking chicken wings in an air fryer. This technique also works with frozen air-fryer chicken wings.


How to Make Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Making air-fried chicken wings is simple and one of the fastest ways to get your chicken wings done. Follow the guide below to make air fryer chicken wings.

Break the wings: Remove the wing tips from each ” wingette” and separate the “drumette” side from the flat side. Utilize paper towels to dry.

How Long to Air Fry Chicken Wings

At a Moderate Temperature, Air Fry: Cook the wings at 360°F in the air fryer in a single layer. By rendering the fat, they avoid becoming soggy.

How Long to Air Fry Chicken Wings

Increase the heat: Increase the temperature to 390°F after the first cooking stage and flip the wings one more. The skin will become deliciously crunchy.

How Long to Air Fry Chicken Wings

Produce the sauce: Melted butter and garlic are added to hot sauce to create buffalo sauce. Wing magic is made from these essential components.

How Long to Air Fry Chicken Wings

Toss: Mix the Buffalo sauce with the crispy chicken wings in a sizable bowl. ENJOY!

How Long to Air Fry Chicken Wings

What are the Ingredients Needed for this Recipe?

Even though Air Fryer Wings taste amazing, they are only created with a few standard, straightforward components. They are among the more uncomplicated air fryer recipes. What you’ll need is as follows:

1. We advise buying chicken wings that have already been divided into drumettes and wingettes. However, you can spend less money on whole chicken wings and dissect them yourself.

2. Lemon pepper spice might seem strange for air-fried wings but trust us when we say it’s excellent. Tone’s Lemon Pepper Seasoning Blend is what I use.

3. Extra virgin olive oil – Drizzle olive oil over chicken wings for crunchy results. The oil makes the beginning of the chicken skin’s crisping up faster than it would be without it.

4. When the chicken wings come out of the air fryer, a little extra salt is added to ensure they are perfectly seasoned.

For the Sauce:

1. A classic like buffalo wing sauce is always a good choice. Use store-bought or make your own with butter, garlic powder, and spicy sauce.

2. Thai sweet chili sauce is a fantastic option to add an Asian touch to your air fryer wings.

3. Another traditional match that is fantastic for children is BBQ sauce.

4. Hot honey: It would be fantastic if you drizzle hot honey over these wings.

What are Some Cooking Tips and Variations?

Here are various techniques, suggestions, and tweaks to make delicious crispy chicken. 

1. Room-temperature chicken should be achieved. Take the chicken out of the fridge about 30 minutes before preparing this dish. The wings will stay juicier in the air fryer if they are at room temperature when you cook them.

2. Spread them apart. Make sure the air fryer basket is not overcrowded with the wings. Each wing should be separated from the others to crisp up. Fry the wings in batches if you have too many to fry simultaneously without crowding the pan.

3. Launder the wings. Before seasoning the wings, this recipe instructs you to dry them. Ensure that you treat that action seriously. The wings will become more crispy in the air fryer the drier they are. 

4. Make seasoning adjustments. Although I adore my spice blend, please alter it to suit your preferences. Add a bit extra garlic, onion, and paprika for a chicken piece with a more pungent taste. Add some chili powder if you like your wings hot.

Why You’ll Love These Crispy Air Fried Chicken Wings

You’ll adore these chicken wings for the following reasons, among others.

1. Fast: From beginning to end, making these wings takes 30 minutes. If you were to bake chicken wings, it would take so much longer. I frequently eat these during the workweek because of how quickly I can prepare them.

2. Healthy: In restaurants, wings are often deep-fried as you order them. That’s not good for you! These wings don’t require a lot of oil because they are air-fried.

Because chicken wings naturally contain a lot of fat, this recipe calls for a tiny bit of oil. The only ingredients in this keto-friendly meal are chicken and spice. 

3. No messes: Eliminating mess while cooking in the air fryer is one of my favorite aspects. When you use an air fryer to cook, no oil splatters. Additionally, there is no leftover oil to deal with. 

4. Crispy: Wings must taste good yet be quick, healthful, and simple to prepare. Additionally, crispy chicken wings are necessary. Baking powder is used in this dish to improve crunch.


What Can You Serve with Air Fryer Wings?

Dipping sauces and dressings go great with wings and more conventional sides.

1. Dipping Sauce: Dressings like ranch or blue cheese are essential, as is a robust and thick barbecue sauce.

2. Salads: Keep things light and fresh with some mixed greens or something a little heartier, like a Green goddess salad.

3. Potatoes: Who does not enjoy chicken wings and potatoes? An excellent alternative is always French fries or something simpler like a baked potato.

4. Raw Veggie: Traditionally, some sliced cucumber, celery, and carrots are used to counterbalance the crispy wings.

Bottom Line

Being able to air fry chicken wings has completely changed the game for someone who likes fried chicken wings.

Without losing flavor or texture, you can achieve juicy, crispy wings that cook in a fraction of the time and without using all that extra oil.

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