How Long to Bake Chicken Legs?

Are you wondering how long to bake chicken legs? Baking chicken legs is a reliable cooking technique that keeps your chicken juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Keep reading to find out more.

Simple instructions only include seasoning the chicken, baking it for around 40 minutes, and then serving and enjoying.

The size of the drumsticks will determine the precise timing. When cooked at 425 degrees, they usually don’t take more than 45 minutes.

How to Make Baked Chicken Legs Marinade

Here is how to make the marinade for the best-baked chicken legs: 

1. Add parsley, green onions, oregano, garlic, and red pepper flakes to a food processor. Briefly pulse around 10 times to roughly chop the ingredients.

2. Olive oil, red wine vinegar, and lemon juice should be added. Process for 5 to 10 seconds, or until liquids are combined and herbs are reasonably finely minced (pause and scrape down the machine if necessary).

3. Take 1/4 cup of the herb combination and place it in a basin with a pinch or two of salt. Refrigerate the reserved herb sauce covered.

4. The leftover mixture, which should be about 3/4 cup, should be seasoned with 1 1/2 teaspoons salt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper.

5. Put chicken legs in a sealable bag measuring one gallon. Over the chicken legs, pour 3/4 cup of the herb mixture. Chicken legs should be evenly covered with the marinade before the bag is tightly closed.

6. Place in refrigerator and marinate for up to 24 hours.


How Do You Know When Chicken Legs are Done?

A meat thermometer is the finest tool for determining when the chicken is finished cooking. Before serving, confirm that the internal temperature has reached a safe 165°F by inserting the probe into the thicker area of the leg.

Cook the legs till 190°F if the meat is done but the skin isn’t crisped to your preference. The skin will crisp without affecting the interior’s juiciness.

What are Helpful Tips for the Best Baked Chicken Legs?

Because we are using several pounds, they will require a substantial amount of salt in the marinade, so be sure to use plenty. There won’t be a lot of sauce left over. Here are more helpful tips for your baked chicken legs:

1. If you have a dark baking sheet, use it to promote browning. Additionally, roast from the center outward.

2. However, as every oven varies somewhat, you can just broil them for the final few minutes while keeping a careful eye on them if you find that they haven’t browned to your desire.

3. Hold the excess marinade if you want crispy skin; use it if you want even more taste (do not use the marinade from the bag; it will make you sick!).

4. To make sure the legs are cooked through, check the middle at 165 degrees F, close to the thickest part of the bone.

5. To make the cleanup simple, soak the pan with water.

Are Baked Chicken Legs Healthy?

If cooked properly, chicken legs are a great source of protein and a filling and healthful option. Undoubtedly, baking chicken in the oven is healthier than frying it. 

If you are on a low-fat diet, take the skin off the chicken before you eat it. To prevent the flesh from drying out during baking, we recommend leaving the skin on the chicken, but you are free to do whatever. The best chicken to buy is always organic chicken without additional hormones!

Can this Chicken Drumstick Recipe Be Made Ahead?

Yes. you may prepare this meal preparation in advance. Up to three days in advance, prepare the soy sauce marinade. It should be kept in the refrigerator in an airtight container or a resealable plastic bag.

The chicken can be marinated and stored in the fridge for an entire night. 30 minutes before baking, take the chicken out of the fridge to let it come to room temperature before putting it in the oven.

For two to three days, leftover roasted chicken legs can be kept in the fridge in an airtight container.

How Long to Cook Chicken Legs in the Oven at 375?

In a preheated 375° F oven, chicken legs take roughly 45 to 50 minutes to cook, though cooking times may vary depending on the size of the drumsticks. 

The best approach to determine when the chicken is done is to use a digital thermometer to check the internal temperature.

When the thickest section of the leg (without touching the bone) achieves an internal temperature of 165°F, the bird is finished cooking.


What is the Difference Between a Chicken Leg and a Drumstick?

Drumstick and thigh are both parts of a chicken leg.  The drumstick is exactly that: a drumstick!  In this recipe, you can use either chicken thighs or legs; however, depending on the size of each piece of chicken, you will need to vary the baking time.

Bottom Line

This recipe for roasted chicken legs couldn’t be simpler! When it comes to oven-baked chicken legs, the adage “simple is best” couldn’t be more accurate.

Simply brush the chicken legs with the spice-olive oil mixture, then bake them for around 40 minutes. High heat is the key to making them extra crispy.

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