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Do you want to know how to make fried rice with egg? Fried rice is the perfect fuss-free, family-friendly meal that delivers maximum flavor. We have written down the process to follow and you can watch the video embedded below for more clarity.

In only 20 minutes, you can easily duplicate a takeout favorite at home using this highly rated recipe, which is packed with soft sauteed vegetables and mouthwatering morsels of scrambled egg. So to start, in a wok, sauté the onion in a little oil for 30 seconds before adding the minced garlic.

Next, turn the heat to high, add the rice, and add a little sesame oil. Use a spatula to stir everything together. It’s vital to use a spatula since doing so prevents the rice grains from being broken up.

When the rice is hot, push it to the edge of the pan and crack two eggs into the space. Stir the eggs into a little amount of soy sauce while they cook over heat before adding them to the rice.

You should add more soy sauce along with salt, garlic salt, and lemon juice. Combine everything, then plate. Here is a video by the popular Uncle Roger, explaining how to make the perfect egg fried rice.

Tips for Making the Best Fried Rice

Let’s begin straight now, then. Here are the key points to remember when preparing the greatest fried rice.

1. Use cold rice: Be prepared and use cooked rice that has been properly chilled. Fresh rice that is warm (or even lukewarm) will not fry properly when it contacts a hot skillet; the outcome will be soggy clumps that are undesirable. So leftover chilled rice is perfect! 

2. Employ butter: Simply put, it tastes better and also precisely browns everything. (However, in this recipe, you only use 3 tablespoons for a huge amount of rice, in contrast to Japanese steakhouses.)

3. Use veggies: Not enough vegetables in lousy take-out fried rice is one of my biggest pet peeves! Veggies greatly enhance the flavor and freshness of fried rice in addition to adding some wonderful splashes of color. 

4. Combine oyster sauce and toasted sesame oil: If you don’t like shellfish, you can omit the oyster sauce and still have delicious fried rice. But a little of this ingredient goes a long way and makes such a big difference in good fried rice. So don’t be afraid of oyster sauce even if you don’t like oysters! 

5. Use high heat: This will aid in properly frying and browning the rice and vegetables and also in preventing the rice from steaming in the pan rather than frying.

6. Allow the rice to brown a little on the bottom: If you like your rice to be a little crispy like I do, give it a little time to rest between stirrings so that it can do so. Utilizing a non-stick skillet is also very beneficial in preventing rice from sticking to the pan’s bottom.


What is Day-Old Rice?

In a recipe for fried rice, the terms “day-old rice,” “overnight rice,” or “leftover rice” are frequently used. It merely indicates that you ought to use rice that isn’t hot and sticky from being newly cooked.

This is necessary so that the grains of rice may readily separate during cooking and produce a deliciously toasted crispy texture

When converted into fried rice, recently cooked rice has a tendency to become mushy and clumpy.

What are the Best Methods for Cooking Fried Rice?

These are the various methods you can use for cooking fried rice.

1. Wok

The most popular (and practical) way to make fried rice is in this traditional cooking pot. Rice and other ingredients can be mixed with seasonings over high heat in the big, high-walled skillet

Your wok should be heated until a drop of water evaporates when it touches it. Add oil and stir to evenly coat the surface.

2. Standard Pan

In a pinch, excellent fried rice can easily be made in a simple skillet or frying pan. Use high heat when using this technique, just as you would when using a wok. 

To avoid food from flying out of the pan during the stir-frying process, use the biggest pan you have available.

3. Griddle

Making fried rice on a griddle is a clever technique to simultaneously cook several different ingredients. 

For a quick and filling lunch, start by sautéing the vegetables and aromatics before adding cooked rice and eggs to another area of the griddle’s surface.

4. Instant Pot

In a pressure cooker, day-old rice is converted into a richly flavorful treat. After browning the garlic in the Instant Pot’s saute mode, toss in the rice, vegetables, and eggs. Mix thoroughly, and then serve hot.


Bottom Line

One of the most popular dishes at a Chinese restaurant is egg fried rice. The fluffy rice, beaten egg, soy sauce, sesame oil, and green onions are all combined in a very rapid stir-fry rice meal.

Although there are many fried rice recipes available online, this simple egg fried rice is a traditional Chinese dish.

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