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Olive Garden is a popular Italian-American restaurant chain known for its signature Soups, Salads & Breadsticks. But did you know that Olive Garden catering services are also available for these menu items? Keep reading to get more information.

Olive Garden Catering

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a party or simply want to enjoy Olive Garden’s famous dishes with family and friends at home, their mouthwatering catering menus can help you create the perfect meal catering for any occasion.

Olive Garden’s soups are a customer favorite and for good reason. From the classic Minestrone to the creamy Zuppa Toscana, this authentic Italian cuisine is made with fresh ingredients and bursts with flavor.

And now, you can enjoy these delicious foods at your next event or gathering with Olive Garden’s premium catering services.

The soup options come in two different sizes – a half-gallon that serves 6-8 people or a gallon that serves 12-16 people. So go ahead and make that large orders. You can mix and match your soup choices or choose just one, depending on your preferences.

Olive Garden also provides the necessary equipment to keep your soup warm during your event.
Olive Garden’s famous salads are another customer favorite.

It is prepared with a blend of fresh greens, tomatoes, onions, and olives, their salad is topped with their signature house dressing and grated Parmesan cheese.

You can now enjoy this classic salad on your special occasion with Olive Garden’s catering services. Their salad options also come in two different sizes – a half-tray that serves 6-8 people or a full tray that serves 12-16 people.

You can also choose to add grilled chicken to your salad for an additional cost. Olive Garden provides all the necessary equipment for serving and keeping your salad fresh.

No meal at Olive Garden is complete without their famous breadsticks. Freshly baked and brushed with garlic butter, Olive Garden’s breadsticks are the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

And with their catering services, you can enjoy these breadsticks at your corporate events. Their breadsticks come in increments of 12 and you can order as many as you need to serve your guests.

Olive Garden also provides the necessary equipment to keep your breadsticks warm during your event.

How Many People Will One Olive Garden Salad Feed?

Most times when it comes to people who handle expert event planning, they necessarily won’t as questions like “How many people will one Olive Garden salad feed?

Because this is something they would have gotten knowledge about from the professional catering staff available.

Well, if you aren’t one then you are in for luck as Olive Garden’s salad is pretty generous in size, so it can feed a decent number of people.

This affordable party package can also be used as an appetizer or even a side dish, but then it’s important that you know the salad quantity or have a good perception of the perfect serving size that would be okay for your guest.

For a party that would need a large group catering service, then we recommend that you make use of an appetizer headcount estimator to be able to adjust accordingly to the size of your group.

Now if you are catering for private events or any office catering events, then you should know that if you want to opt for individual salad serving which is about 5 ounces.

If you are expecting just 1 to 2 guests, about 10 ounces of salad will be shared depending on the salad sharing size you are adopting for your party.

But if you get confused about this, then we advise that go for a full-service catering company that will solve your problems and ensure your party goes as planned.

How Much Olive Garden Salad for 50 Guests?

How Much Olive Garden Salad for 50 Guests?

For your event catering option, you might want to opt for salad as one of the dishes that serve your guests, then it is totally okay to ask “How much Olive Garden Salad for 50 guests if you plan on using this Italian restaurant catering service for your special occasion.

To know just how many will be okay for guests of 50, then there are some factors you should consider.

The first is the size of serving your bowl if you are making use of standard salad bowls, then you’ll have to make more salads than when you are opting for larger serving bowls.

The second factor that you should consider is the appetite of your guests, are they lovers of salads? Then you might need to prepare more salad than other heartier dishes.

Interestingly enough salad is one of the most popular dishes that is offered on any special occasion, you can opt for guest count planning or even a catering order estimate to the sizes you think your guests can consume.

So for 50 guests, get ready to prepare, 50 to 75 cups of salads.

Where Does Olive Garden Get its Cheese?

If you’re planning to use cheese for your events, maybe as an additional flavor to enhance your food, then it is fine if you are asking “Where does Olive Garden get its cheese”.

This Traditional Italian recipe is one of the constants that is used in almost all the food offered in restaurants.

As a restaurant that has branches all over the country, then this makes you understand that the cheese is gotten from various suppliers and distributors.

But this shouldn’t be cause for alarm as the Italian restaurant has specific standards and rules for their cheese supply chain.

The most commonly used cheese in Olive Garden is the parmesan cheese, this cheese is always hard and sharp often grated and sprinkled over pasta dishes.

And you can always make use of them if you are serving pasta at your event. The cheese is gotten from Grande Cheese company based in Wisconsin and they have been one of the topmost suppliers of cheese to Olive Garden for years.

From the strict rules placed on the suppliers of this cheese, the Italian restaurant ensures that customers get the best quality cheese available in the market.

What is the Breadstick Rule at Olive Garden?

What is the Breadstick Rule at Olive Garden?

Is there a rule when it comes to the unlimited dishes offered at the restaurant? What is the breadstick rule at Olive Garden if you are planning a group dining at the restaurant?

Well to answer your queries, there is an unwritten rule when it comes to the breadsticks at Olive Garden.

We understand that the restaurant dining rules state that each person at the table is entitled to unlimited breadsticks while eating at the restaurant.

So this means, that if any member of your group finishes one breadstick, the servers will bring another basket.

Well one of the refill guidelines stated at the restaurant, you are not allowed to take any b readstick home. No to-go bag will be given for the breadsticks, so if you want more just ask for a refill.

The breadsticks are meant to be enjoyed with your meal at the restaurant. Also, you shouldn’t waste the breadsticks or allow them to be wasted by ordering what you cannot consume.

So this rule is part of the overall experience you get with the members when you dine there.

What Kind of Meat is in the Lasagna at Olive Garden?

If you’re a fan of Italian cuisine, you may have enjoyed the lasagna at Olive Garden, and you are thinking of incorporating this dish as one of the specialties at your event.

Then it’s totally okay to ask questions like “What kind of meat is in the lasagna at Olive Garden?”

One thing you should know is that Olive Garden’s lasagna is a meat lasagna, which means it contains meat as a key ingredient.

According to Olive Garden’s official website, their lasagna is made with a blend of three different meats – beef, pork, and Italian sausage.

The beef used in Olive Garden’s lasagna is 100% USDA-inspected, which means it meets the highest standards for quality and safety. The pork used is also USDA-inspected and is blended with the beef to create a rich and savory flavor profile.

In addition to beef and pork, Olive Garden’s lasagna also includes Italian sausage.

This sausage is made with blended pork and spices, including fennel seed and garlic, which give it a distinct and delicious flavor.

These meats are cooked together to create a rich and savory meat sauce that is layered between pasta and cheese to create the delicious lasagna that Olive Garden is known for.

If your guests are vegetarian, then can be offered the vegan version of their lasagna that is made with spinach and ricotta cheese instead of meat.

So, you shouldn’t worry about them being vegetarians or simply prefer a meatless option, the famous lasagna can still be enjoyed.

Does Olive Garden Have Microwaved Food?

Does Olive Garden Have Microwaved Food?

We know how terrible it might seem when you take them to a restaurant and they are not given fresh food but microwaved food, if you thinking of going to Olive Garden instead, then it’s totally okay to ask “Does Olive Garden have microwaved food?”

Well, the restaurant Olive Garden prides itself on serving freshly prepared dishes using fresh, and as a result, they do not rely on microwaves to prepare their food.

Instead, they use a combination of traditional cooking methods such as grilling, sautéing, and baking to prepare their dishes.

Olive Garden has a team of highly skilled chefs who are trained to cook each meal to perfection.

They use fresh ingredients and carefully selected spices and herbs to create unique flavors that are associated with Italian foods.

Also, the restaurant does not use pre-packaged, frozen, or pre-cooked food items. Everything is made from scratch in their kitchens, from their delicious soups and salads to their pasta dishes and desserts.

However, like many restaurants, Olive Garden does use some kitchen equipment to help prepare its food quickly and efficiently.

For example, they use steamers to cook their vegetables and to heat up their pasta, which helps to preserve the nutrients and texture of the food.

So it’s important you understand that while Olive Garden does not rely on microwaves to cook their food, they do use them to reheat some items such as breadsticks and pre-cooked pasta dishes.

Can you Take Home Leftovers from Olive Garden?

After eating from an award-winning catering team like that of Olive Garden, you may begin to wonder and ask questions like “Can you take home leftovers from Olive Garden?

Because it’ll be hard to resist these delicious party platters. Well, the good news is that Olive Garden does people to take home their leftovers.

In fact, they even have a special “To-Go” menu that features some of their most popular dishes in generous sizes that are perfect for taking home.

When you’re finished with your meal, simply ask your server for a to-go container. They will happily provide you with a container to take home any leftover food.

However, it’s important you understand that some dishes at Olive Garden are better suited for taking home than others.

Pasta dishes, for example, tend to reheat well and can make a great meal the next day. On the other hand, some of the restaurant’s more delicate dishes, such as seafood, may not hold up as well when reheated.

In addition to the “To-Go” menu, Olive Garden also offers a “Create Your Own Pasta Bowl” option that allows customers to choose their own pasta and sauce combinations.

What is Olive Garden’s Most Popular Soup?

What is Olive Garden's Most Popular Soup?

Wondering what is Olive Garden’s most popular soup? Well, the Zuppa Toscana stands out as the most famous soup out of all the soups offered at Olive Garden.

This hearty soup is made with Italian sausage, crispy bacon, potatoes, and kale, all simmered together in a rich and creamy broth. It’s a crowd-pleaser and is often ordered as a starter or as a main course.

One of the reasons why the Zuppa Toscana soup is so popular is because of its delicious and comforting flavors.

The Italian sausage and bacon add a savory and smoky flavor, while the potatoes and kale give it a satisfying texture.

The creamy broth ties everything together and makes for a delicious and filling soup.
Another reason why the Zuppa Toscana soup is so popular is that it is made fresh in-house every day.

Olive Garden is committed to using fresh, high-quality ingredients in all of its dishes, and this soup is no exception.

The sausage is cooked in-house and the kale is hand-cut, ensuring that every bowl of soup is made with care and attention to detail.

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