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Should you tip at Olive Garden? There are basic policies regarding tipping and appreciating waiters who take your order. If you want to learn about it, read on!

Should You Tip at Olive Garden?

Are Tips Allowed at Olive Garden?

While it is not a must to tip the servers, note that it is pure courtesy to do so. Some people even go as far as tip-sharing. They don’t just tip the waiters, they tip the bussers and bartenders too.

In a straightforward phrase, Tipping is allowed at Olive Garden but it must be in appreciation for good service rendered by the waiter but any contrary motive for tipping an Olive Garden staff won’t be welcomed.

In as much, as we would advise you to tip the waiters, ensure you do so because you like the services provided and not because you feel obligated to do so.

No Compulsory Tip Policy

Let’s be clear there is no Olive Garden’s Tip Policy that coerces you to tip the waiters. So it’s okay if what you have in your pocket is to pay for the Olive Garden’s service charge. 

All we are saying is that if you love their service and want to encourage them, you can tip. You can tip them at least 15-20%.

For a restaurant like Olive Garden, the servers earn a lower hourly wage and usually rely on tips to make a significant income.

During the pandemic, most of the waiters were out of work, so you can imagine how hard it must have been to bounce back financially after staying home for over 6 months.

So tipping is expected, but tip only when you can and are impressed.

Do Hosts at Olive Garden Receive Tips?

I think Olive Garden should make some changes to how they do things. The hosts work hard but don’t get tipped or appreciated for their hard work.

Following this kind of financial hardship, it’s tough to move up in the company, and the pay is just minimum wage.

To encourage the staff and hosts, the company should consider appreciating the staff and making them work harder.

Should I Tip for Olive Garden Pickup?

Should I Tip for Olive Garden Pickup?

Still not compulsory but should be from an appreciating concern. When you place a takeout order in Olive Garden, you do all of the requirements to get your food like calling or either ordering online.

If you use the phone, the order will be taken by whoever picks up the call. Sometimes it is the host, but most times it is a server or a bartender.

What you do not know is that in many restaurants, Olive Garden inclusive, the servers do extra work to make sure you get a perfect order and you can tip them for all of that stress.

How Much Can I Tip a Server at Olive Garden?

In the U.S., it’s customary to tip servers around 15% to 20% of the bill, depending on how good the service is.

If the service was excellent, you might lean toward the higher end, but for just okay service, 15% is good.

Even if the service is not great, it’s better to talk to the manager about any issues rather than leaving no tip since tips are an important part of a server’s income.

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