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Everyone knows that when you are at Olive Garden, you are family, but who is Olive Garden family? Among the numerous incredible question asked many may be curious about ”What company owns Olive Garden”?while most people does not know that the chain was initially created by general mills. Keep reading to find out more about this.

What company owns Olive Garden

Company That Owns Olive Garden

Darden Restaurants is the company that owns Olive Garden. It has multiple brand restaurants based in Orlando Florida. The company was established in 1968 has is the owner of many famous restaurant chains, including Olive Garden, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, Bahama Breeze, and Seasons 52.

Although Olive Garden’s previous owner was General Mills, which had the restaurant since 1982. Darden Restaurants purchased Olive Garden in 1995, when it was acquired, Olive Garden already had 145 locations and was based in the Midwest and Southeast regions of the United States.

Under the ownership of Darden, Olive Garden has successfully grown into a global brand with different branches in North America, Asia, and South America.

There were several changes to the restaurant after Darden acquired Olive Garden, technology was introduced such as online ordering and payment, and there were renovations to the restaurants and menu updates.

But despite all of these modifications, Olive Garden still retains its core values and has continued to be the go-to choice for its delicious servings of pasta and signature breadsticks.

Who owns Olive Garden Now?

Bill Darden was one of the major shareholders in General Mills Restaurants and the founder of Red Lobster. Bill Darden acquired Olive Garden in the 80s growing to over 145 units then, making it one of the fastest-growing restaurants at the time.

Darden Restaurants is still the parent company of Olive Garden, and under its ownership and leadership, Olive Garden has become a global brand. So to give the perfect answer to your question, Yes, the Italian-American restaurant is still very much owned by Darden and we do not think it will be leaving the reins of leadership anytime soon.

Why General Mills Created Olive Garden

Despite enduring some of the greatest universal challenges of the last century, General Mills started to change its business rule in the decades following the stop of the Second World War.

In the 1960s, At some point, it started to trade off less beneficial flour mills and started digging into other markets, like children’s toys, games, and even fashion to add to its profitable foods.

In the next decade, he started to show interest in obtaining restaurants. In 1970, it obtained the young Red Lobster, and then in 1980, it bought the natural food store and restaurant Good Earth.

The foremost olive garden was formed in Orlando in 1982 as the first ever authentic restaurant formed by General Mills. The first olive garden location was created to be like a Tuscan farmhouse despite its subtropical location.

The vision was an instantaneous success. It grew to 145 locations in seven years and it became the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the country.

Misconception Regarding Disneys Ownership of the Company

Is Olive Garden Owned by Disney?

No doubt there have been some mistakes in the past by many who confuse the ownership of Olive Garden with Disney. Olive Garden does not have any affiliations whatsoever with Disney, it is a subsidiary of Darden Restaurants.

According to the research of the 2012 fiscal year, the Italian-American restaurants accounted for $1.8 billion of Darden’s DR.

There have been controversies in the past concerning how both Walt Disney and Olive Garden have happy-looking public faces regarding the health of the people who work there.

This doesn’t mean that Olive Garden is owned by Disney. They are two different companies focusing on very different sectors of the economy.

Although we can not blame people for this misconception, some have even said that there is a slight resemblance between how the inscription of the brand names of both Olive Garden and Walt Disney are written.

The bottom line is that the restaurant ownership and leadership of its day-to-day affairs are handled by Darden Restaurants only and Olive Garden has no business currently with Walt Disney.

That’s all. Well accepted that Olive Garden is owned by Darden Restaurants, which is known to be a family of restaurants including The Capital Grille, Longhorn Steakhouse, etc. General Mills did not sell Olive Garden either because Darden was created by General Mills.

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