What is Olive Garden Apologizing for

What is Olive Garden Apologizing for?

People have seen Olive Garden’s rendering an apology to a person and they tend to ask questions like ”What is Olive Garden apologizing for?”. Keep reading to understand why the company is remorseful.

What is Olive Garden Apologizing for

Olive Garden is one of the largest chains of restaurants operating in the United States and it is not immune to its own share of challenges.

The restaurant has had to apologize to members of the community who come in to dine at their branch and end up being treated badly by the host or hostess of that branch.

Many hosts of Olive Garden have been the culprits of bad behavior, either by being rude to customers or turning potential customers away for one flimsy reason or the other.

In 2015, the restaurant had to apologize to a police officer in Kansas City who was rejected from going into the restaurant because he was armed.

This horrific incident has made the spokesperson of Olive Garden come out and tender an apology on behalf of the company.

Another incident that struck the company was when an Alabama patron was refused from entering the restaurant’s premises because she was with the American flag.

This led to much controversy against Olive Garden forcing the company’s Vice president to issue a heartfelt apology from its vice president.

Did Olive Garden Change their Slogan?

The company finally changed its slogan after a 14-year run. The famous “When You’re Here, You’re Family” according to them was more family oriented.

They decided to change it to use a slogan with a more modern outlook.

The exciting thing about this whole change was that Olive Garden decided to sign off the rights to this slogan to no other than Jimmy Fallon.

We can’t say for sure if it was a parody or not. But Jimmy Fallon while on air, signed an official contract to get the Slogan from the restaurant.

One of the reasons why the restaurant decided to change its name as it felt that the slogan was stereotypical and only showed what a typical Italian family dinner looked like without reflecting the image of the current hectic life that people face.

What is Olive Garden’s Slogan?

What is Olive Garden's Slogan?

Ever since the company was established they’ve had three slogans, the first slogan was “Good Times, Great Salad, this slogan was used when the only thing on the menu was the salad.

The restaurant then evolved to “When You’re Here, You’re Family”.

This slogan was then used when Olive Garden started offering unlimited breadsticks and soups and now after a 14-year run, the company has once again decided to change its slogan to fit a more modern outlook.

The restaurant’s new Slogan is” Go Olive Garden”. Now, not everyone agrees with the new slogan.

Many are saying that Olive Garden with the old slogan used to feel like the old Aunty you visit on a bi-annual basis than even your closest friends or relatives.

But now the new slogan is just quite ordinary with no feeling at all.

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