What is the Breadstick Limit at Olive Garden?

The famous breadsticks offered at Olive Garden have definitely stood out among the dishes served in the restaurant, so it’s totally okay to ask ”What is the breadstick limit at Olive Garden?” Read on to see if Olive Garden’s popular dish is unlimited.

What is the Breadstick Limit at Olive Garden

As far as we know there’s no official limit to the number of breadsticks a customer is supposed to consume. More reasons why it is called “Unlimited breadsticks”

However, the servers are trained to give you a specific number of breadsticks at a time.

They are expected to not offer more until you have successfully consumed all the ones on your plates, and to also take their time before giving you a refill if you already had too much.

So while there’s no official limit of breadsticks you can have at Olive Garden, there’s a practical limit to how many you can consume and the time it takes to have your meal and pay for the services.

Olive Garden presents a better way of ensuring that the breadsticks get to everybody, they ensure that there’s a limited amount available.

So if you end up consuming all they have in stock, you may be denied more because it will be impossible to provide them for you.

The server is expected to bring you one stick per person plus an extra one for the first basket. Immediately after that, the rule is to serve one breadstick per person.

Is there a Limit to Olive Garden’s Unlimited Breadsticks?

Is There a Limit to Olive Garden's Unlimited Breadsticks?

While the restaurant includes breadsticks in every meal you consume, there is sometimes a practical limit on how many breadsticks the waiter is supposed to serve at the table.

The servers are trained to offer just one breadstick per person at the table, plus one. So if two persons step out to dine at the Olive Garden, the waiter will serve 3 breadsticks.

Now after the first round, no plus one will be given again, in the next round, the server will only bring one breadstick per person. If you decide to dine in, then you can continue to get as many breadsticks as you want.

Now from the restaurant’s policy, the waiter is not expected to give you breadsticks at all unless you place an order for a meal. So don’t just expect to get breadsticks when you haven’t placed an order yet.

And for to-go orders, you just get 2 breadsticks per meal. If you want to have more than 2, then you can get 6 extra for a price.

How Many Breadsticks Does Olive Garden Go through in a Day?

Olive Garden offers at least two breadsticks and servings of salad for the whole population of the United State.

This is an estimated number of 9 million breadsticks a day at Olive Garden. So you can imagine over 724 branches the restaurant has currently serving this amount of breadsticks every day.

Well, don’t get worried that this delicious dish would stop being offered at the restaurant.

As the restaurant has announced that instead of stopping the breadsticks they will introduce more to their menu like Breadstick sandwiches.

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