What to Do With Egg Yolks

Are you trying to find what to do with egg yolks that you have left over? If you separate your eggs and have excess whites or yolks, it seems easier to use the whites up by just adding them to a fast scramble the following morning. 

It could appear like a harder decision when it comes to egg yolks. The truth is, those sunny, lonely yolks have several purposes. Find out how to quickly and easily use up leftover egg yolks. 

30 Things to Do With Egg Yolks

Egg yolks can be used in a wide range of recipes because of their versatility. Recipes abound, ranging from sweet custard to spicy croquettes.

This compilation of recipes is essential reading if you’re searching for delectable egg yolk recipes that aren’t omelets.

1. Egg Yolk Chocolate Chip Cookies

Egg Yolk Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies with chocolate chips are first. This timeless recipe, whether it’s chewy and gooey or crisp and crispy, is a global favorite.

However, did you know that egg whites are not necessary for baking the traditional American dessert? Yes, you can make the most delicious and addictive candies ever with just the yolks.

2. 12-Yolk Pound Cake 

12-Yolk Pound Cake 

Try a slice of this pound cake for breakfast if you enjoy sweets. This delicate, golden, and insanely rich pound cake is made possible by a staggering twelve egg yolks.

It’s not too sweet, but it’s also not too bland. It has the perfect balance of sweetness. You can’t go wrong with this dish whether you eat it plain, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or drizzled with caramel syrup. 

3. Creme Brulee 

Creme Brulee 

Creme brulee is surprisingly simple to make, especially considering that it tastes like it came directly from heaven. 

Known as the crispier sibling of flan or creme caramel, crème brulee is a decadent custard delicacy topped with hardened caramel.

The custard’s unmatched smoothness, derived from the usage of egg yolks, complements the crunchy caramel perfectly.

4. Mashed Potato Croquettes

Mashed Potato Croquettes

It’s one of the few savory foods on the list and is unquestionably delicious. This is an indication if you have never had croquettes in your life. 

Stop what you’re doing and make this dish immediately if you have leftover mashed potatoes and egg yolks in the refrigerator!

Deep-fried, battered morsels that are too delicious to describe are called croquettes. Mashed potatoes, egg yolks, and breadcrumbs are combined in this recipe to create that enticing crispy surface and creamy inside texture.

5. Custard Cake

Custard Cake

Filipino custard cake is a dish that should be known around the world. This golden beauty is composed of a thick layer of smooth and creamy flan on top of a light and fluffy chiffon cake at the bottom. This dessert mash-up is as gorgeous as it is delicious.


6. Pastéis de Nata (Portuguese Custard Tarts)

Pastéis de Nata (Portuguese Custard Tarts)

Say hello to pasteis de nata, the most famous dessert in Portugal. You’re missing out if you’ve never heard of it. When you get a moment, make sure to pin this recipe and give it a try!

A rich, creamy egg custard is baked till golden on top of a crisp, flaky pastry shell. These bite-sized snacks may seem simple, but they are incredibly delicious!

7. White Chocolate Mousse 

White Chocolate Mousse 

Desserts made with white ingredients just seem so elegant. Consider this mousse, for instance. You will fall in love with this opulent, velvety dessert the moment you lay eyes on it.

Deliciously sweet and incredibly creamy, this light dessert packs a big flavor punch.   You won’t believe how simple it is to make either! It’s so easy that even those who are new to cooking won’t struggle.

8. Flan 


Call it flan, custard, or creme caramel; anyway, this dish is irresistible. This dessert is the epitome of smooth, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth perfection.

The flan is wonderfully complemented by the rich, sweet caramel that is flowing from the top. It’s so very light that you shouldn’t be shocked if you finish a serving in a matter of seconds. 

9. Nilla Wafer Banana Pudding

Nilla Wafer Banana Pudding

Though it might appear straightforward at first glance, wait to judge until you’ve had a bite.  Bananas, Nilla Wafers, custard, and meringue are all combined into one gorgeous dessert that is full of flavor! 

Despite the wide range of tastes and textures in this southern dessert, they all come together to make one amazing feast.

10. Persian Rice Cookies 

Persian Rice Cookies 

These Persian cookies are just what you need if you’re seeking something different. Appropriately named nan-e berenji, or Persian rice biscuits, they are a mainstay of New Year’s festivities.

These are incredibly crumbly and soft cookies. They smell fantastic and have the perfect amount of sweetness.

11. Brioche Bread 

Brioche Bread

A light, fluffy, and buttery brioche is loved by all. The widely consumed French bread is quite tasty. Indeed, even for inexperienced bakers, it’s quite simple to prepare. 

Don’t be afraid of bread recipes! Although the dough needs time to rest, the work itself is quite simple. 

Furthermore, baking bread from scratch is a really impressive feat! It provides you tremendous bragging rights in addition to being rewarding.

12. Challah 


One variety of Jewish bread is challah. It used to refer to a little bit of dough that was offered to God in the past.

But through time, the word “challah” has come to refer to a wonderful, eggy-flavored loaf of braided bread.

13. Tiramisu 


Ladyfingers dipped in espresso, mascarpone custard, grated chocolate, and a dusting of cocoa powder combine to make the traditional Italian dessert tiramisu. 

While traditional tiramisu typically calls for raw eggs, we’re boiling the yolks under a double broiler to ensure food safety. 

14. Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream

Is there vanilla ice cream with egg yolks in it? Despite its unusual tone, this is really quite frequent! The addition of egg yolks thickens and enhances the mixture’s rich, creamy texture.

Although the procedures are a little challenging, this article is full of advice to get you there. Furthermore, the outcome is well worth it. This is ice cream, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted!

15. Garlic Parmesan Duchess Potatoes

Garlic Parmesan Duchess Potatoes

The combination of parmesan, garlic, and mashed potatoes is really wonderful. This blend produces the most delicious flavor!

Consider this recipe, for example. These little morsels of mashed potato are very rich, creamy, and buttery, and have every flavor you could want in a savory delicacy.

Multiply the flavor of the greatest mashed potatoes you’ve ever had by ten. That is how delicious this meal is!

16. Chocolate Creme Brulee 

Chocolate Creme Brulee

This creme brulee is a must-try if chocolate is your thing. It tastes chocolatey and is rich, creamy, silky, and smooth. And the caramel, so crispy is just awesome. It’s the greatest dessert that the globe has to offer!

17. French Style Double Chocolate Ice Cream

French Style Double Chocolate Ice Cream

It’s incredibly rich, creamy, and decadent. Additionally, there is twice as much chocolate, which equals twice as much enjoyment! 

Similar to the last ice cream recipe, this one requires an egg-based custard to produce an incredibly rich and creamy concoction. Once more, you would think it’s difficult, yet anyone can do it because it’s so simple.

18. Lemon Tart

What to Do With Egg Yolks

Another French delicacy that will definitely satisfy your thirst for lemon is lemon tart. This dish is incredibly delicious, with a cookie-like crust and a rich, creamy custard.

The filling of lemon curd is creamy, with just the right amount of buttery, tart, and sweetness.  The crust is quite flaky and acts as a fantastic container for the wonderful filling.

19. Nectarine Frangipane Tart

Nectarine Frangipane Tart

Although this dessert doesn’t sound familiar, you really should taste it. A pastry cream with an almond taste that is created using milk, sugar, flour, butter, egg yolks, and ground almonds is known by the French word “frangipane.”

It goes well with pies, cakes, and in this instance, tarts. Topped with luscious, plump nectarines, sweet and nutty frangipane is baked in a buttery pastry shell. It is incredibly delicious!

20. Baked Coconut Custard 

Baked Coconut Custard

A delicious tropical treat can be made with coconut and custard. It’s unquestionably among the greatest uses for leftover egg yolks!

It has a hint of sweetness and is bursting with coconut flavor from the coconut milk. You can eat it plain or top with a maple syrup drizzle. 

Alternatively, create a creme brulee by adding powdered sugar on top and using a blowtorch to solidify the caramel. Delicious!

21. Shortcrust Pastry 

Shortcrust Pastry 

It has a simultaneous crumbly, buttery, and crispy texture. This is the kind of pastry crust recipe that every baker needs to have in their back pocket. 

Due to a higher fat-to-flour ratio, shortcrust pastry, also known as pâte sucrée, has an especially rich and crumbly consistency. Its subtle sweetness goes well with just about any fruit pie you can imagine.

22. Raspberry Ice Cream 

Raspberry Ice Cream 

It tastes just like any other ice cream—delightfully thick and creamy. It’s ideal for summertime because of its delicious raspberry flavor!

Once more, the base of this ice cream will be an egg yolk custard, so richness, and creaminess are to be expected.

Fear not—the recipe is quite simple. Basic items that you presumably already have on hand are needed for both the ice cream base and the raspberry sauce.

23. Quindim 


Quindim is a traditional Brazilian delicacy consisting of sweet sticky syrup on top and golden coconut custard inside. 

It’s incredibly smooth and sweet. The flavor is definitely coconut because it comprises both coconut milk and coconut flakes.

The best part is that it just requires thirty minutes of your time and five basic components. It’s very simple to modify this recipe to create a keto-friendly version.

24. Orange Custard Squares 

Orange Custard Squares 

The perfect snack that you were unaware you needed is these orange custard bars. Two layers of crumbly shortbread are layered with an orange-infused, incredibly smooth, and creamy custard. That’s what I mean when I say citrus bliss.

Not only are they deserving of celebration, but they’re also simple to prepare whenever the urge arises.

25. Orange Mascarpone Ice Cream 

Orange Mascarpone Ice Cream 

Today’s dish combination of orange and mascarpone is surprisingly delicious. Imagine the finest creamsicle ever—orange and mascarpone combined in one dessert—in the form of ice cream. 

26. Chocolate Custard Tarts 

Chocolate Custard Tarts 

Despite their diminutive size, these tarts are highly flavorful. All chocolate lovers, get ready to fall in love with these custard tarts. The custard filling has an obscene amount of rich, chocolate flavor.

All that indulgence is expertly sealed in by the buttery crust. Plus, it’s really easy to make! This dish comes up in less than an hour using store-bought pastry sheets and a simple custard filling.

27. French Apple Custard Cake 

French Apple Custard Cake 

This apple custard cake is deserving of attention, even though apple pie is perhaps the most famous fall treat.

The cake has a custard-like silky texture. It has an abundance of apples with a cinnamon taste and a crunchy, sweet topping.


28. Custard Peach Pie 

Custard Peach Pie

Without a question, my favorite peach-flavored dessert is this pie. I think this sounds perfect—a smooth, creamy custard with luscious peach slices and a crispy crust underneath.

There are some incredible textural contrasts when the velvety custard, juicy peaches, and buttery crust are combined. 

29. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

There are never too many chocolate chip cookies, so here’s another recipe for them. These cookies are incredibly chewy and gooey from this recipe. The element that isn’t so secret? And one more egg yolk! 

30. Custard Pie 

Custard Pie 

What could be more delicious than a silky, creamy custard? What’s in a pie, is custard. This dish has just the right amount of sweetness, and the contrast between the velvety custard and the crispy crust is amazing.

Are Egg Yolks Healthy?

For a long time, eggs have been regarded as an affordable and nutritious food item that can be used in a wide variety of recipes. Despite having a comparatively high cholesterol content, keep in mind that egg yolks have several significant health benefits:

1. They have a lot of vitamin D. Although egg yolks naturally contain vitamin D, which aids in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, vitamin D is frequently added to foods that have been fortified. 

It aids in the delivery of these vital nutrients to your teeth and bones, maintaining their health and strength.

2. They have good fats in them: Fatty acids can actually assist you in maintaining a healthy weight, so not all fats are harmful. When consumed in moderation, egg yolks can be an excellent source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that may support heart health.

But make sure you’re using fresh eggs before you start cooking! There should be no discoloration in the yolk or white, as this indicates the presence of germs. The yolk should be more rounded than flat and float high on the albumen; the egg should not smell sulfurous.

How Can You Store Egg Yolks?

Similar to egg whites, any leftover raw egg yolks should be refrigerated right away in an airtight container. Yokes, however, can dry out if stored, unlike egg whites. 

To keep the yolks wet, try adding a small amount of cold water; remove the water before using the yolks, ideally within two to four days. You can freeze them if you don’t think you’ll utilize them all in that amount of time!

Bottom Line

If you have extra yolks after separating eggs, don’t worry about throwing them away. You can use those remaining yolks in your kitchen in a variety of ways, such as preserved yolks, fresh pasta, creamy custard, and basic salad dressing. There’s never a good excuse to throw away those bright, amber eyes.

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