Why are Andes Mints Different at Olive Garden

Why are Andes Mints Different at Olive Garden?

If you have dined at an Olive Garden restaurant, you may have noticed the small green chocolates that come with the check or are served with coffee or tea. These chocolates are Andes mints. However, some people have claimed that the mints at Olive Garden taste different. So, why are Andes mints different at Olive Garden?

Why are Andes Mints Different at Olive Garden

First, let’s look at what Andes mints are. Andes mints are rectangular chocolates that consist of three layers: a creamy mint filling, a thin layer of chocolate, and a green-colored coating made of white chocolate mixed with green dye.

The mints were first introduced in 1950 by the Andes Candies company, which was later acquired by Tootsie Roll Industries in 2000.

Today, Andes mints are sold in various sizes and packaging, from individually wrapped pieces to bags and boxes.

Now, let’s examine the possible reasons why Andes mints taste different at Olive Garden compared to other places.

One reason could be the freshness and storage conditions of the mints. Like any chocolate or candy, Andes mints can become stale or lose their flavor if they are not properly stored or kept for too long.

If the Andes mints at Olive Garden are not as fresh as they should be, they may taste slightly different or less minty than expected.

Another reason could be the recipe or formulation of the mints. While the basic ingredients of Andes mints are the same, the proportions or sources of the ingredients may vary depending on the manufacturer or the customer. 

A third reason could be the psychological effect of the dining experience.

If you have a positive or memorable experience at Olive Garden, you may perceive the Andes mints as tasting better or different than if you had them in a different setting or mood.

What Brand Mints Does Olive Garden Use?

What Brand Mints Does Olive Garden Use

Olive Garden‘s mint brand is Andes. Andes is a well-known brand of chocolate mints that has been around since 1950.

The company was named after the Andes Mountains, which are known for their beautiful green slopes, similar to the green color of the mints.

But why are Andes Olive Garden’s signature mints? One reason could be the popularity and familiarity of the brand.

Andes mints have been a staple in American households and restaurants for decades, and many people recognize and enjoy their creamy mint flavor and smooth chocolate texture.

By using Andes mints, Olive Garden can offer a recognizable and reliable after-dinner treat that customers are likely to appreciate.

Finally, this mint selection could be a part of Olive Garden’s brand identification. Olive Garden is known for its Italian-inspired cuisine and warm, family-friendly atmosphere.

By offering this flavored candies which have a green color reminiscent of the Italian flag and a minty flavor that complements the food and coffee, Olive Garden can enhance its image and appeal to its target audience.

Is Olive Garden Partnered with Andes Mints?

Note that Olive Garden’s mint selection would stem from a long partnership with the two companies.

Andes has been Olive Garden’s supplier for years since the 1980s, according to the Senior Vice President of Marketing of Olive Garden.

It says the Italian restaurant has been in partnership with the Andes just two years since the restaurant served these signature candies since then.

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